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2021 Boston Herald wrestling All-Scholastics and league All-Stars

2 monthes ago   |   By Boston Herald

Damase Amaral
Nate Blanchette
Nate Chandler
Nick Curley
Ian Darling
Brandon D'Augustino
Frank Foti
CJ Glaropoulos
Jimmy Glynn
Benny Herrera
Joe Hutt
Rawson Iwanicki
Evan Kinney
Tyler Knox
Nick Kruczinksy
Maximillian Leete
Booker Lester
Anthony Mears
Brent Nicolosi
Joe Perna
Lucas Pinzino
Tyrian Saeturn
Adam Schaeublin
Alex Schaeublin
Cam Soda
Zach Soda
Mark Thomas
Joao Valdevino
Aidan Winn
The 113-pound senior led New Bedford to the state finals. Amaral was the 2020 Div. 1 South sectional champion and took...
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